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"For whatever reason, I have a hard time reading without getting tired. Sometimes I'll read the same lines or pages over and over again just to comprehend what I was reading. Since I've been using Vocal Valet, I absorb the material I'm listening to now, whereas before I'd either fall asleep reading the text or not retain the info."
                                         ~  Janis L., Tech Supervisor
"I'm one of those guys who hates reading, but it's an absolute must for my job. Vocal Valet reached out to my company and I swear read my mind, no pun intended. I wished I could have my documents read to me. I tried those animated - robot lady voices, even different accents, but it always seemed just... flat. So, Vocal Valet is a great solution to my distain for reading to myself and robot tech voice read backs."
                                                             ~ Mitch N., Research Analyst

"I get sent scripts to read almost daily so I get really overwhelmed, especially as a mom of a toddler. There just isn't enough time in the day to get in the reading I need to do. I'm lucky if I can get through one. This is why Vocal Valet is a lifesaver...seriously a blessing to me and my day and night. I just open up the MP3 to which script I want to hear while I do a million other things at the same time. You have to take advantage of this and for the cost, totally worth every dollar!"

                                                      ~ Celebrity Actress 

"I get a ton of scripts and treatments and all sorts of creative material submitted daily. I just don't have the time or the staff to read all of it. Vocal Valet is a bargain because if it saves me time, it saves me money. Listening to the MP3's instead of reading all day is a major benefit adding time to my daily routine." 
                                         ~  Thomas V., TV Producer
"Even when I'm at the gym or eating lunch in my office, I listen to my work in detail. English is my second language; I never noticed how much I missed just reading the words and often skimming through information until I heard the info read to me." 
 ~ Solomon S., Clothing Retail
"Vocal Valet has helped my kids a ton with their studies. Textbooks are heavy in every sense of the word. I send them a picture of the Homework chapters and they send back an MP3 of the necessary reading. My kids are learning faster because of this type of information being heard via audio."
          ~  Jake M, Father of 2
"I get very bad headaches when I read for long periods of time. Unfortunately I have to read for my job for hours and hours. Since using Vocal Valet to record most of my required reading for me, I only need to listen and take notes. Now, I rarely get headaches, have more time in the day for other work tasks and my energy isn't wiped out."
                               ~ Kelly R., History Professor
"I have to say, at first I thought this was a luxury item, and how lazy can I be, but once I started hearing my work out loud, by a real voice I found this service to be so valuable and time saving. I work more efficiently now, because I can listen to my work when I drive, wherever or whenever I want to."
                                                                 ~ Nina K., Writer
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