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How it Works

Vocal Valet allows you to listen to your required reading or any materials at your leisure, which saves you time during the day.

 You send the materials you wish to be read, and we send you back an MP3 or Audio file of the same material. Your text, scripts and documents will be synced up with time codes notated for you – as to follow along easily.

 First and foremost, Vocal Valet provides a valuable service, which also depends on word of mouth referrals. Thus, we wish to make our clients happy with fair and reasonable pricing. Therefore we try to negotiate the best possible fee for the needs of each client.

Free Page Read

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Vocal Valet Menu & Rates

*Prices & Fees are subject to change

Every “read” is different because some materials are infused with technical jargon, medical terms, career language and lengthy pages. Fees are mainly determined by a discussion with the Client, as every project is completely diverse and unique. Most of the services include Audio Notation if requested, which means we will audibly tell you where you are in your materials regarding page, scene number and paragraph.

Written Notation: There is an extra $25 for written notation per project, as a Narrator would need to listen back through the entirety of the material and note on material where the Audio and Pages sync or “stop and roll” to notate.

Menu & Rates : All rates are negotiated with the client

Please let us know if you require more than one Voice/Narrator for your project or if you want a Male or Female Narrator


– All pages read after 10 pages is $3/page.
– 1 page equals 12 font size or more and single spaced lines.
– In other words, please don’t cram 3 pages onto 1 page.

“Rush Job” – Starting at $50 flat fee @ $2 page)

-You absolutely need the material read ASAP.
-This means “Narrator” drops everything for your needs.
-(Depends on subject matter and length)
-For example – We can’t read, record, notate and edit audio an entire 150-page script in only 2 hours.
-This service would normally not include written notation, as it’s a RUSH JOB.

“Read My Script” = $250/per script

-50 plus pages. This service includes audio notation.

“Treat Me Right” = $100/per TBD per client

-Treatments, concepts or pitches 20 pages or under.
-This service includes audio notation if requested.

“Package Deal” = $450

-Bundle in any projects under a total of 100 pages, and you’ll get them back each with its own recording, audio notations and full audio edit.

“Must Reads” = $500/daily service monthly TBD per client

-Material you need read daily to save you time: Documents, contracts, research materials, emails, Industry Chronicles, articles, News, etc.

“Let’s Make A Deal” = $500 – $1000 TBD per client

-Business Proposals, Briefs, Lengthy Contracts, Extensive Research Materials,
-Books, Brochures. This service includes audio notation.



TBD per Client/Contract

Commercials, animation, Infomercials, Radio Spots, Online Content


TBD per Client/Contract

Jingles, Songs, Tag Lines


$250 Per Finished Hour, 350 pages or less

A fully narrated book with performance – Children’s, Adult, Romance, Self Help, Fiction, Non-Fiction


$250 FLAT, 350 pages or less

Reading through the book for information, structure flow and plot, to hear out loud, not for performance.

PLEASE NOTE – The reading and recording of any and all materials are protected with a comprehensive and solid Nondisclosure Agreement between Vocal Valet and the Client. It is our policy that every Narrator and VO artist signs an NDA protecting the Client’s privacy and information with Vocal Valet, which protects all of our Clients against the sharing of any materials or recordings with any entity besides the contracted Client.

About the Founder

Suzan Brittan is originally from Upstate New York and after graduating from Ithaca College with a BFA in Music and Acting she promptly moved to Los Angeles a month after graduation.


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